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Amazon SDE

Knowledge from someone who has personally made the jump from displaced college student to an engineer at one of today’s leading tech companies

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University experience

Suma cum laude graduate from the Univeristy of Toledo. Showing you don’t need the MIT or Berkley name on your resume to land the top tech jobs

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Algorithm knowledge

Several years experience developing and applying computer science principles to enterprise C# applications

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Coding tutorials

helping you increase your coding skills through video tutorials going over challenges utilizing python and other language

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My name is Stefan Bradstreet and my career path has been a wild adventure. I graduated high school in 2003 thinking I wanted to become a surgeon.

However, that plan didn't pan out and I had to drop out of college because I lost scholarships and was unable to get other financial aid.

I was always good with computers but they were always just my 'nerdy hobby'. I eventually realized my interests could lead to a promising career in software engineering. As soon as I was able to get funding for school I went back to college, and after 6 years of hard work I eventually landed a job at Amazon!

My goal now is to share the knowledge I learned during that journey to help anyone wanting to learn more about computer science and technology


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